What to Expect at Your Child's Check-up

An annual check-up, also called a well-child exam or an annual physical, is vital to your child's ongoing health and well-being. While you may be tempted to skip it this year because of COVID-19, you shouldn't. 

It's important to keep your child up to date on vaccine-preventable disease immunizations as well as making sure they get their yearly flu shot. Our medical team at Liberty Pediatrics in Vestavia, Alabama, cares about your family's health, so we’ve put together this reminder of all the reasons why you shouldn't skip your child's annual check-up, as well as what to expect during the appointment.

Why it's important to schedule an annual check-up for your child

A well-child exam differs from an appointment you'd make for your child when they're sick. Instead, this type of annual check-up helps ensure your child is healthy and hitting all their developmental milestones. Your child is usually well when they attend this appointment.

A well-child exam is also an excellent and important opportunity for you to discuss your child's health and development or ask any questions related to it. Catching and treating issues and illnesses early leads to better outcomes. In addition to your child's physical health, you can discuss behavioral, social, and developmental concerns.

What to expect at a well-child exam

The screenings, immunizations, and tests performed at your annual well-child exam will depend on your child's age. However, regardless of age, a medical provider will check your child's weight, height, and blood pressure at every exam. They will perform a physical exam, and most visits also include a vision and hearing screening. 

Additionally, your provider will ask a series of developmentally appropriate questions to make sure your child is meeting important milestones. Overall, your exam may include:

Before your child’s exam, you should take some time to think about the questions you have regarding your child's health and write them down. Also, if you have health forms that need to be filled out for their school or sports team, be sure to bring those along as well.

Ready to schedule your annual well-child exam? Book your check-up now so you can reserve a time that's convenient for your family. Call Liberty Pediatrics to make an appointment today, or use this website to request an appointment online.

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