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Welcoming a new member into your family is an exciting time, but it can also be a stressful occasion. Newborn care from Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz, of Liberty Pediatrics in the Liberty Park area of Vestavia, Alabama, focuses on ensuring you and your baby are prepared to thrive and enjoy those first few months of life. Whether this is your first or your fourth child, each experience is unique, so book your initial newborn care visit as soon as possible.

Newborn Care Q & A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care, also called well baby visits, begins shortly after you welcome your child into the world. These visits are a chance for Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz to check that your baby is developing properly and is healthy. 

Newborn care visits are also an opportunity for parents to ask questions or share concerns about various health issues. No matter how much experience a parent has, each child is unique, and faces a unique set of needs. Having a trusted pediatrician to turn to is important for parents. 

There is no question you should feel self-conscious about. Wondering if your baby’s bowel movements look normal? Concerned about whether you should wake a sleeping baby for feeding, or if you should use a pacifier? These are all valid questions. 

What happens during newborn care visits?

You come in to see Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz more frequently during the first few months of life. During these visits, routine information about your child’s length, weight, and vital signs is gathered. All this data is compiled into their health record, which over time presents a picture of their health and development. 

Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz checks your baby’s skin, eyes, ears, and nose. She listens to their heartbeat and breathing, and performs basic neurological checks. 

She also asks how you are adjusting to this newest addition to the family. Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz can provide advice on breastfeeding, sleep environments, and how to help your older children adjust to their new sibling. In many ways, newborn visits are shaped around your family’s specific set of needs. 

Are immunizations part of newborn care?

Your child needs many different vaccines during the first few years of life, and the process can feel overwhelming to many parents. Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz discusses the timeline for vaccines to help you know what to expect. 

While this is never anyone’s favorite part of newborn visits, Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz and her team are highly skilled in administering vaccinations quickly, allowing your baby to receive comfort. Crying is a normal response to the sudden pinch of a vaccination, but you’ll be surprised how quickly your baby is settled and be soothed. 

Call Liberty Pediatrics today or visit the online booking tool to schedule a newborn care appointment. You can also reach the nursing service by phone around the clock if you have questions or concerns.