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Trying to comfort a sick child is a stressful scenario for any parent. For those in the Liberty Park area of Vestavia, Alabama, having access to a skilled and compassionate pediatrician like Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz, of Liberty Pediatrics can make it easier to navigate the process of finding relief for your little one. Sick visits are always scheduled as soon as possible, and every effort is made to help your child feel better quickly. Call the office to check appointment availability as soon as symptoms develop.

Sick Visits Q & A

What is a sick visit?

A sick visit is a visit to Liberty Pediatrics for the purpose of addressing a specific set of symptoms. Some sick visits are the result of the flu or another form of illness, while others are focused on addressing an injury. 

The families who rely on Liberty Pediatrics and Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz for care have around the clock access to medical guidance. Same-day appointments are available, and you can call the office around the clock to speak with a nurse regarding your child’s symptoms. 

The after-hours nursing service can help you determine your next steps. If your child needs to be treated in the emergency room or an urgent care clinic, you’re advised on how to proceed. 

What happens during a sick visit?

The focus of a sick visit is to determine the cause of your child’s symptoms and devise the proper treatment path. Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz begin by asking questions about current symptoms. Older kids can often play an active role in this process, while smaller children rely on you to outline the causes of concern. 

A physical exam follows, allowing Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz to learn more about what might be causing your child’s discomfort. Liberty Pediatrics offers in-house testing services that can look for signs of the flu, strep throat, and other illnesses. 

Once the source of your child’s symptoms is determined, Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz discusses the available treatment options. You receive all the details needed to make an informed decision about your child’s care. 

What if my child needs specialized care?

Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz has the skills and experience needed to treat a wide range of childhood illnesses and injuries, but there may come a time when your little one needs specialized care. If that need arises, Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz can help your family find the best specialist possible to care for your child. 

As the treatment process moves forward, Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz works with your child’s extended health team to ensure continuity of care once your specialty care ends. This approach also ensures that the details of specialty care are included in your child’s medical record, which can guide and inform future health needs. 

If your child is experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, call Liberty Pediatrics to schedule a sick visit. Same-day appointments are available, so don’t delay.