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As your child grows older, sports physicals are likely to arise as a requirement at one point or another, if not on a yearly basis. Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz, of Liberty Pediatrics in the Liberty Park area of Vestavia, Alabama, offers thorough sports physicals and other types of targeted physical exams and can help you check this item off your long to-do list. Book an appointment today online or over the phone for your child’s sports physical.

Sports Physicals Q & A

My child is healthy, so why is a sports physical necessary?

Most school athletic programs, community and recreation league sports, and even club sports organizations require a sports physical for each child on the roster. These physicals are intended to ensure your child is healthy enough to participate in their activity of choice without endangering their health. 

Parents of active, athletic kids often end up needing at least one sports physical each school year, which can feel like a hassle. It’s important to understand that these exams are meant to protect and preserve your child’s health. That’s a worthy investment of your time and effort. 

What happens during a sports physical?

These visits are relatively short and straightforward. They share many of the same elements of a routine well child visit. 

Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz begin by gathering information on your child’s growth and development, including height, weight, blood pressure, and pulse. A quick check of your child’s ears, eyes, nose, throat, skin, muscles, and joints is also part of the process. 

A short review of your child’s personal and family health history is included. You should share the details of any recent illnesses or medications your child is taking.

For older kids, this is a great opportunity to teach them how to begin managing their own health and wellness. Encourage them to ask Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz for tips on how to train for peak performance in their sport, or about the role nutrition plays in athleticism. 

At the end of your visit, you receive the paperwork needed to confirm your child’s sports physical. 

What if my child is behind on vaccines?

Many organizations ask for verification that all immunizations are up to date before a child can participate in organized sports or other athletic pursuits. A review of your child’s immunization record is part of the process. 

If your child is missing one or more vaccinations, Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz can administer those vaccines to get their record up to date. It’s easy to overlook a vaccination, especially if you’ve moved or changed doctors over the years. 

If your child is missing several vaccines, a catch-up schedule is created to ensure proper immunization over a period of time. Dr. Manci Balas and Dr. Gina Labovitz discusses the timeline in detail during your visit. 

A back-to-school physical is sometimes required when your child enters a new school. Certain camps also require a physical exam. Even many elite athletic training programs ask for a special physical. Liberty Pediatrics can help with all these needs, so call or schedule your visit online today.